Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Scrobbling Feature Added (Testers Needed)

While the rest of The Dead Clowns are hard at work on some great new songs, Craig "Frequent-C" Friebolin was busy adding a cool new feature to our Audio Player:

Scobbling! [ WTF is Scrobbling? ]
Now members can Scrobble directly from the audio player at!
While this feature is live on the site right now; we are looking for some Scrobbling Scrobblers to test things out a bit more with a few good Scrobbles and contact us if you run into any problems.

Who needs widgets and pre-built web applications when you have a Band Member who can build custom apps!? (We highly recommend getting a web guru in your band ... It's very handy.)

Happy Scrobbling!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New News Feed Features

The Dead Clowns have a new news feed feature (we hope it works) ... basically its your one stop shop for EVERYTHING The Dead Clowns are doing on the web. Check it out here:

The Dead Clowns Mega RSS Feed