Monday, March 3, 2014

Internet Band Announce The Dead Clowns Official Vevo Channel

Today the popular internet band; The Dead Clowns, have joined the ranks of modern day recording artists like; Katie Perry, Pharell, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and more, with the launch of The Dead Clowns official Vevo Channel.

In the four weeks since the Internet Band released their debut single and subsequent music video for the song "Music Is My Hero (Featuring Gallo Locknez and Devize)", it has garnered critical acclaim in regional markets and the band is excited to have a new global reach with their Vevo Channel. "Music Is My Hero" will have yet another debut as the first video to air on the newly released Vevo channel for The Dead Clowns.

When asked his thoughts on the new channel, Rapper and Producer Gallo Locknez said; "The Dead Clowns are the way of the future and to be part of such an innovative force like Vevo, truly fits!"

About Vevo: Vevo is the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform with over 5 billion monthly views globally. Vevo brings a library of 75,000 HD music videos, exclusive original programming and live concert performances to everyone on the planet who loves music both on-demand through, the mobile web, apps for mobile/tablets and connected TVs, and on Vevo TV, an always-on broadcast-style linear music channel built by expert human programmers.

To learn more about The Dead Clowns on Vevo visit: and stay tuned for exciting new Vevo Video releases from The Dead Clowns.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Dead Clowns Upcoming Release; "Music Is My Hero"

Lehigh Valley PA – Several artists from the region are part of an internet band whose goal is to utilize modern technology to attract global talent to collaborate on musical projects. The group is called "The Dead Clowns" and it boasts 20 members from 5 countries, and 7 US States.

The band members made headlines in recent months with their song "Ima Push" which won the 2013 Dream Reborn Song Competition sponsored by Green For All and for the song "Asylum" which is based on the present day events of Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.

The Dead Clowns are keeping up the momentum by releasing their latest Hip Hop single "Music Is My Hero". The song has a great beat, a positive message and it is the fruit of the collaborations between: Craig Friebolin (Video/Song Production), Gallo Locknez (Rap, Song Production), and Germany based vocalist Sascha "Devize" Seeger (Vocals, Song Production). The song is about turning to music when life gets out of control. The Music video gives the performers real life super powers to drive home the message of music as a "Hero" or a place to turn when the going gets rough. The song suggests music as an escape or alternative to letting the bad things that happen in life drive you to do or say things you would regret. It's an invitation to lose yourself in a song to find your own super power and help yourself to grow.

"Music is My Hero" is a refreshing alternative to the explicit content of many of today's mainstream hip-hop songs whose lyrics tend to extoll violence, drug use, sexual exploits and gang adventures.  Music is powerful and it's content should motivate people to make a positive contribution to the world around them. The song has been hailed by Tone Love member of Philadelphia's first rap super group "Tuff Crew". He allowed his son Christian to be a part of the video because of the songs positive message.

"Music is My Hero" will be officially released on February 1st at a video/song release party sponsored by The event will feature surprise performances by YourVibe artists and there will be a special guest appearance by Tone Love of Tuff Crew. This launch event is open to industry personal and refreshments will be served. See the facebook event for more information:

The Dead Clowns is a dynamic group of talented people from all over the world that dare to think outside the box in order to make innovative new music. They have written and performed the theme song to an upcoming new reality TV show (to be announced), their first album is almost done and they have all already begun production on their next video. You can find The Dead Clowns on the web at and you can also find them on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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